Movies Filmed in Exuma

The stunning local scenery of Exuma isn't just beautiful on screen. Come see the locations used in feature films for yourself.


Exuma, Bahamas is such a beautiful location it’s no wonder that it’s been the site of multiple movies. From James Bond to Pirates of the Carribean, Exuma has been the backdrop of multiple feature films. Here are a few of the most famous movies that have used the stunning islands of Exuma as their backdrop.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest were filmed in Exuma. More specifically, they were filmed on a southern island off of Little Exuma. White Cay, also known as Sandy Cay, was used to film the scene where they dug up the chest. During filming Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were spotted visiting some local hangouts. Depp reportedly fell in love with Exuma during his time filming. So much so that he actually purchased his own private cay in the area. You still might get the chance to see him if you visit!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

The creators of Pirates of the Caribbean loved Exuma so much they filmed here again. They actually used the exact same cay to film scenes in. The part in the movie where the pirates undergo parley was filmed again at White Cay.

James Bond: Thunderball

James Bond movies are known for filming in the Bahamas. While they typically used Nassau, one major underwater fight scene was filmed in Exuma. In fact, the location used was even named after the movie! When people visit Exuma they can take a trip to Thunderball Grotto, a place perfect for snorkeling and observing the beautiful marine life Exuma has to offer.

Matrimonio alle Bahamas (Marriage in the Bahamas)

While many people probably don’t keep up with Italian cinema but they should. This Italian romantic comedy was released in 2007. It features Italy’s finest comedic actor, Massimo Boldi. Scenes were filmed in Georgetown, Great Exuma, the capital.

Into The Blue

Thunderball Grotto became a hit after the James Bond film. The 2005 film, Into the Blue, starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba used the beautiful grotto for a scene in the movie. Take a trip there and you’ll see why.


This ‘80’s Tom Hanks classic also utilized the infamous Thunderball grotto. This movie features a mermaid, but this location is anything but mythical. If a location is used to many times for filming it is definitely worth a visit.



It’s not just movies that want to film in stunning Exuma. TV shows have also used these islands as shooting locations. A season of the Bachelor filmed with the famous swimming pigs.

Come visit and see these film worthy locations yourself!

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