Exuma Animal Attractions

Exuma offers multiple unique opportunities to see local wildlife up close and personal. From swimming pigs to swimming among sharks, Exuma has it all.

One thing that sets Exuma apart from the other islands of the Bahamas is the wildlife. Exuma offers many animal attractions for visitors to enjoy. And no, we don’t mean a zoo. When you visit Exuma you get to see these animals in their natural habitat but still up close and personal. Here are the top animal attractions Exuma has to offers.


By far the most famous animal activity Exuma is known for are the swimming pigs located on Big Major’s Cay. These pigs will actually swim in the crystal blue water with you! They’re used to human interaction, and love snacks, so they get excited when they see a boat approach. Spend a fun and memorable afternoon swimming with these swine!

Animal Attractions on Exuma


If you’ve ever visited the tropics no doubt you’ve seen an iguana. Usually, though these creatures scurry off when you get close. That’s not the case with the iguanas on Allan Cay. These iguanas are used to humans and will stay put for however many Instagram pictures you want to take. Their favorite snack is grapes so be sure to bring some along!


Ever seen a starfish as big as your head? Ever held a starfish as big as your head? Well in Exuma you can. The starfish reserve in Exuma is full of various sized starfish for you to look at. You can even pick them up as long as you don’t keep them out of the water for too long. So fulfill your mermaid dreams by swimming among these colorful creatures.



Sharks are the bad boys of the water, feared among even humans. But not all of them are bullies. On Compass Cay you can swim among docile nurse sharks, even feeding them. You can swim alongside them, even petting their backs. Not only is this exhilarating, it’s a unique experience for sure. So jump on in and face your fears.


If you visit Stocking Cay you’ll have the opportunity to swim with some stingrays. These animals are drawn to the island to feast on the conch leftovers from the local restaurant. You can feed these creatures and swim among them as you do so.


Exuma is one of the few locations where the elusive Bonefish is found. This type of fish blends in perfectly with the white sand. Not to mention there is a multitude of other colorful fish swimming in the blue waters. So whether you’re interested in fishing or swimming among them, Exuma has a lot to offer.


A lot of people don’t realize that reefs are living things. Think of them as tiny little underwater cities with the plants, coral, fish, and other marine life all essential parts of them. Exuma offers multiple diving and snorkeling opportunities to view these colorful and lively reefs up close and personal.

Come visit Exuma, Bahamas today!

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