Exploring Great Exuma

Great Exuma, the largest of the Exuma cays, offers a host of places and activities to explore. From pristine beaches to cultural sites there's a lot to do and see on Great Exuma.

The district of Exuma in the Bahamas is made up of 365 different cays, or islands. The locals joke there’s one for each day of the year. Most of these cays are uninhabited or are owned privately (many by celebrities), but each one offers something new and different to explore and discover. The largest of these islands is Great Exuma, which houses the district’s capital, George Town. Here’s everything you need to know about and should see when visiting Great Exuma.


If you visit Exuma, Bahamas you can’t avoid visiting Great Exuma. Both the airport and the ferry station are located here so it will be your first stop in Exuma. This cay is the largest of them all in Exuma and is one of the most southern.


Exuma was settled around 1783 by Americans fleeing the Revolutionary War. Every since then, it has had a vibrant history. The capital, George Town was named in honor of George III, whom settlers were loyal too. The historical figure John Rolle played an important role in the islands’ heritage, and after he gifted his land holdings to his slaves upon his death many towns on Great Exuma were named after him. Pirates, including famous ones like Captain Kidd, favored the harbors of Great Exuma. You can even go visit Kidd Cove, named in honor of Captain Kidd when you visit this gay.


Out of all of the cays in the Exumas, Great Exuma is the easiest to travel to. Visitors can either fly into the airport or take a ferry from Nassau. Taxis and cars are available for travel around Great Exuma. Private boats are available for day tours if you wish some of the other stunning cays in the area. Great Exuma isn’t large so if the weather is nice, consider walking or biking around to see the sites.


Make sure you get the most out of your trip to Great Exuma by going at the right time. The weather is warm and sunny all year round but certain seasons are more popular and others might bring storms. The high season is from December through April. The rates might be cheaper during the summer, June through November, but from August to November storms are likely to hit as this is hurricane season. Some attractions and sites may be closed during the rainy season.


One of the biggest attractions to Exuma is the crystal blue waters and white sand. Unlike other hot spots in the Bahamas, the beaches of Exuma, even on Great Exuma, are quiet and not very crowded. There are so many gorgeous beaches available for you to visit on Great Exuma but here are a few of the best.

  • Sandal’s Resort Emerald Bay: If you’re staying at the Sandal’s Resort you’re lucky enough to be blessed with one of the best beaches on Great Exuma. This mile-long beach has powered white sand with stunning emerald water that it’s named after.
  • Three Sisters Beach: This beach is named after the Three Sisters Rocks, which are visible from the sand. This legendary rock trio is home to an ancient legend that three sisters drowned while trying to seek their lover and a rock erupted in each location to mark the spot.
  • Jolly Hall Beach: This beach is settled on a thin peninsula jutting out from the coast. The water here is shallow and calm making it perfect for swimming and relaxing. As with all of Exuma, it is surrounded by white sand and blue water.


In addition to beaches and scenery, there is tons to explore and do on Great Exuma. Here are some must see sights and must do activities.

  • George Town: Exploring George Town has a lot to offer. During the evenings visit the Fish Fry, which houses local restaurants you may want to sample. During the day take a stroll down the streets and do some shopping.
  • Kidd Cove: Who doesn’t find pirates exciting? There are rumors that Captain Kidd hid some of his treasure here so be on the lookout!
  • Festivals: Depending on when you’re visiting there might be a local festival going on. From boat races to music and food, there’s always something fun to experience on Great Exuma.

Have fun exploring Great Exuma!

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